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ESSE Cigarettes are produced in South Korea by Korea Tobacco & Ginseng Corp., Paraguay. The company dominates the Korean tobacco market, enjoying a market share approaching 80%, and is a rapidly emerging power in global markets, with increasing sales in the USA, China, and Central and Southeast Asia. Cigarettes sales have moved towards low- and ultra-low tar cigarettes and those containing menthol. Some of the brands that are popular among females include Esse Menthol and Virginia Slims. A significant share of this quantity is made up by Esse cigarettes which are the best selling brand of KT&G.

This Super Slim brand makes a serious competition to both BAT and Philip Morris in selling cigarettes marketed to women. Esse cigarettes gain popularity all over the world thanking to their high quality and optimal price. Despite the fact KT&D Corporation does not officially export Esse cigarettes to the United States of America and Western Europe, there are possible ways to purchase Esse in these regions. To do this, an Esse aficionado should hit the Internet and buy his favorite cigarettes from one of the numerous online cigarettes stores, including ours.

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Cheap Esse cigarettes are the top selling cigarettes brand in the segment of slim and superslim cigarettes. Esses cheap cigarettes fall into the premium segment if to consider their cigarettes quality, but have a huge advantage compared to their competitors as the price of Esse cigarettes is extremely moderate and is much lower that the prices of the rivaling cigarettes brands. The cigarettes manufacturer claims that Esse cheap cigarettes are produced on the most sophisticated cigarettes tobacco production facilities and guarantee the superb cigarettes quality. The sales charts of Esse cheap cigarettes prove these words as consumers and their favorable attitude are the best indicator of success ever possible.

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LD Cigarettes

LD cigarettes are a new cigarette brand that can already compete with those that have a well-built reputation among cigarette smokers. It is produced by “Gallaher Limited” Tobacco Company. This cigarette manufacturer has studied the tastes and preferences of tobacco smokers and has created a cigarette, which would have all the characteristics that a good cigarette must have. They have created LD cigarettes.

The taste and flavor of this tobacco product are truly unique. You will never find any other cigarette brand that would have the same taste as LD cigarettes.

The main ingredient of LD cigarettes is quality tobacco. The taste of this brand is unique because of the additional ingredients that make LD have an individual flavor and aroma. “Gallaher Limited” produces LD cigarettes according to the principle "Quantity Not Exceeded" (QNE). This increases the reputation of this company grow and makes its brand highly demanded.

The LD cigarettes flavors have a great success in Russia. The sales in this country have broken all records. It is the quality, which gains more smokers every day.

It is a revolution in the tobacco market. It is a treasure. Even the name of these cigarettes delivers this message: Ligget Ducat. Ducat is a golden coin. And by trying these cigarettes you will understand why this tobacco product has such a name. This brand is very close to becoming one of the world's best selling tobacco products.

You can try the excellence of LD Cigarettes in the form of LD Full Flavor, LD Lights, LD Super Lights, LD Gold, LD Gold Lights, LD Slims and LD Slims Ultra.

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L&M label brand is firm sign of fag producer “Liggett and Myers ”. These cigarettes were named after tobacco manufacturer because of its exclusiveness and premium tobacco heritage.

Fact that L&M cigarettes noted vast demand on tobacco markets of North Europe, Puerto Rico, Egypt and other big states are a strong courageous reason of enlarging borders of trading L&M cigarettes on tobacco markets of United States counties. It definitely will gain big amount of American fag smokers that will prefer L&M incomparable taste.

The main attributives that describe taste of these tobacco cigarettes are plain and refined.

Famous slogan “just what the doctor ordered” explains why smokers of more than 60 countries choose namely L&M cigarette product.

Its fragrant flavor reveled by finest tobacco, persuade famous fag manufacturer “Altria Group” to make L&M cigarette one of company brand.

L&M smoking products are presented on four main assortments: L&M Filter (Original), L&M Lightsand L&M Super Lights.

These cigarette brands differ in taste and components. L&M Filter cigarettes are first and original taste of this tobacco brand, L&M Lights fag are for those who prefer fine taste, L&M Super Lights tobacco was produced from more refined components. Speaking about L&M One cigarettes were produced according to a time-tested experiences and preferences of recent smokers.

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The process of creating a trade name for tobacco products usually involves that name will reveal its “essence”. Same can be said about Sovereign cigarettes. The taste offered by this brand is full of supremacy and abundance.

This tobacco product belongs to the portfolio of Gallagher company that is well known on tobacco markets with its premium brands as Benson&Hedges, Hamlet, LD, Mayfair, Memphis, Old Holborn, Ronson, Silk Cut and Sobranie.

Every smoking product has found its smokers, because the quality of each brand has no limits. The amalgamation of taste creates a total harmony and this is the motto of Gallagher Company.

And namely Sovereign cigarettes were that item that was missing in the perfect tobacco reign. One can say that Sovereign cigarettes are more that an exclusive smoking product, because through its rich taste a real flavor of greatness is revealed.

Gallagher Company have introduced all their love and respect to this smoking brand. Through Sovereign, smokers will experience what was never reached. Sovereign brand is placed in hard packs with 20 cigarettes in each. The pack design exposes the sense of regal elegance. The color of pack is pure white that is striped with some lines that differ in color with each brand. The center of the pack highlights the emblem of Sovereign-ity.

Our online tobacco store offers you tax-free Sovereign cigarettes from the following variety: Sovereign Lights, Sovereign Slims, Sovereign Slims Lights and Sovereign Slims Ultra.

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Prima Lux Cigarettest

Prima is Ukrainian cigarette brand produced under control of Reemtsma Cigarettenfabriken GmbH. Selling volume of this brand reaches 2125,1 millions of cigarettes this year and increasing every day.

The history of this brand began in early 70s when it was presented for the first time in former USSR market as unfiltered strong cigarettes and soon became one of the most popular cigarettes brands for its cheap price and quality tobacco.

Due to international investments and development of cigarette manufacturing Prima presents new filtered high quality cigarettes.

New charcoal cigarette filter with air segment brings real pleasure from the first to the last inhalation. Strict pack design and affordable price makes Prima to be one of the most popular cigarette brands all over Russia, Ukraine and some other countries of CIS.

Nowadays Prima is available in the following variety: Prima Lux Original, Prima Lux Lights, Prima Lux Slims, Prima Lux Super Lights, Prima Lux Red Slims and Prima Lux Ultra Lights.